Terms and Conditions:
Startup Webpack

Updated: 18 November 2021


The Startup Webpack is about providing the basics of a WordPress website, providing a coming soon page if requested. The page can be shown to site visitors, allowing them to find out a little about the business, contact them or sign up to their mailing list.

We handle all technical aspects of the website creation process, taking away the headache of finding out how to do this for yourself. Behind the scenes, the client will be able to choose from a selection of starter templates and customise from there with their own content and images.

The software you'll need is provided, and the monthly Hosting and Care fee includes the cost of your continued use.

This project does not include strategy or design; solely the development of a new website as described.

You can find further details on the Startup Webpack page: https://plainsailingweb.com/startup-webpack/


This is the outline of my working process.

Once you have accepted these terms and conditions and I have received payment, I will request a few things from you:

  • a brief description of your business that can be used on your coming soon page;
  • the contact details that you want to appear;
  • social media accounts you want to link to;
  • an image that can be used as a background image;
  • your logo, if you have one
  • login details to:
    • access your domain name registration: I will need to alter the DNS settings so that your new website can be accessed;
    • the account for your mailing list, if you want one set up: I will need to retrieve some technical information to allow this to be linked to your website.

Once I have received of all those things, I will schedule a time for the work to be completed. The exact timescale depends on name server propagation, which is not in my control.

To keep everything organised and give you the support you need, I'll give you access to an online tool called Membervault.

I will also provide access to a Website Preparation Guide to help you with copy, images and other content. This is also within Membervault.

Three months after I have handed the website over to you we will review where we are and what continued support you need to put your website live and turn off the coming soon page. This will be a scheduled call using Zoom video-conferencing tool. If you need this to happen sooner, let me know.

You can contact me through Membervault at any time to run ideas by me or get my opinion on anything related to your website.

I’ll do my best to respond the same day (excluding weekends and holidays), and ask that you and all parties involved adhere to a 24-hour response time (excluding weekends and holidays) so that we can keep the project moving.


1 - 2 weeks

Creation and delivery of a WordPress website with customised coming soon page, required software to work on the website behind the scenes while presenting a professional image to your visitors.

The exact timescale depends on the timely receipt of requested materials - login details to access your domain name registration, your business description, contact details, social media accounts and an image that can be used a background image.


After 3 - 4 months

Hopefully after the initial few months you will have been able to produce enough that your coming page can be turned off. In any case, at this stage or earlier if you need it, we will review your current situation and what further support you need.


The total price payable for the Startup Webpack is £495.

You can pay

  • in full,
  • in two equal monthly instalments of £247.50
  • in three equal monthly instalments of £165.

In each case, after the first three months, a Hosting and Care charge of £25 per month becomes payable. This payment is due sooner if you are ready for me to put your site into production sooner.

This covers the hosting which I provide as well as monthly updates, weekly backups and licence fees. I will invoice for this separately each month in advance.