WordPress Care Plans

Let me take care of your website.

Focus on your business.

Know I'll be keeping your website up-to-date, backed up, secure.

Some Quick Updates are included in each plan.

Your website.

Maybe it’s

  • your online presence,
  • one of your marketing tools,
  • a sales tool, and maybe even
  • your primary source of revenue.

It’s important.

You need it to help run your business, promote your products and services and generate income.

There's a lot involved in making sure that it's secure, backed-up and up-to-date.

What do you need to do to look after your website?

Take Frequent Backups

You need to be taking backups, daily if possible, and making sure they're stored offsite.

The backups your host may take are not enough. If your host takes a backup they will store it in the same place as the files of your website.

If your website gets hacked, those backups will be compromised too.

Make Regular Updates

Your host may set up automatic WordPress updates. Recent WordPress versions can update plugins themselves.

When the WordPress software or a plugin is updated it may break something on your site. If it's done automatically, you probably won't notice. So turn it off.

You need to be in control of updates and check the site in between making the change for each one. You need to know when to update, and when it may be better to wait.

Make a visual check

After updates check the website to make sure nothing has gone awry and everything is as it should be. Maybe test the contact form, things like that.

Monitor your Website for Downtime

Keep an eye on your site and make sure that it is up and running as expected. Figure out what has gone wrong if it's down, and then fix it.

Confused Woman With Headache

That's a lot!

And what if something goes wrong?

Can you help?

Of course. Let me look after it for you.

Focus on your business, doing the things you’re good at and enjoy.

I have WordPress Care Plans, details below, that give you the peace of mind that all is being looked after.

Some Quick Updates are included in each plan; more can be purchased at a discounted rate.

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WordPress Care Plans

The WordPress Care Plans are all per website, and surprisingly enough, your website must run WordPress!

There are no long contracts.

On the Buy Now page, you are signing up to a monthly recurring subscription. Cancellation of the subscription will provide service to the end of the month you have paid for, but no refund will be given.

If you prefer to pay directly, please ask and we can switch you to monthly invoices which you can pay by bank transfer, standing order or direct debit.

Transformed Happy Woman

Quick Updates

Quick Updates are for those, well, quick updates, that are quick for me that you'd rather not spend your limited time trying to figure out.

A limited number of Quick Updates are included in each WordPress Care Plan.

Adding Quick Updates to your plan each month secures you a discounted rate, and I give your changes a priority when I'm scheduling work.

Things like:

  • tweaking a footer
  • changing a menu
  • adding a widget
  • adding a blog post
  • checking for broken links
  • proofreading a page or post
Quick Updates
£22 each

Add as many or as few Quick Updates as you think you will need in a month.

The rates in the table below are examples and can be changed in the Buy Now page.

£22 each

Care Plan Details




£40 per month


£60 per month


£85 per month

Secure Backups

I back up the files and database of your website to a secure cloud server on a regular basis. Weekly, Daily or custom to suit your business, depending on your plan

So whatever happens we can get your website back quickly.

Backup Restoration

Sometimes you may find it necessary to restore your website from a backup.

One restoration per month is included in the Advanced and Premium plans, but further restorations in the month, or if you have selected the Standard plan, would count as a Quick Update.

WordPress Updates

I update your WordPress core, theme and plugin software once per month or week depending on the plan you have selected.

Security updates will be applied more frequently.

The update process includes a visual check on your website to make sure nothing looks broken.

Uptime Monitoring

I use a tool that monitors whether your website can be accessed and notifies me if not. For periods of more than a few minutes I'll notify you.

Spam Comment Cleansing

We delete any spam comments from your WordPress website, prevent future spam comments from being posted and monitor any future comments.

Daily Security Scan

We install a firewall and a security plugin and run a daily security scan on your site to check for any vulnerabilities within your WordPress installation.