Dedicated Development Day

I deliver your development project on time by concentrating it into a dedicated day.

You wait months for your website to be completed. When you sit down to work on your business, you remember that your new website is still not ready and you don't feel you can move forward. Didn't she ask for feedback a while ago when I was snowed under with... So you contact your developer and she's gone on holiday, or is concentrating on a project for another customer, so can't give you her attention. So now you're ready but she isn't.

You don't feel valued. You feel that you're just one of many clients that your developer is working with. She's distracted, and multi-tasking. Never a good combination. You end up feeling frustrated with the process, rather than delighted.

Some development projects really do span over months. I know. I was a database developer for most of my corporate career. But these don't tend to be the kind of project I work on now. I bring that wealth of experience but still talk to you in clear, easy to understand language rather than technical language and jargon.

Be delighted with a Dedicated Development Day

Wouldn't you prefer to feel involved and in control of your project? Schedule a day that you'll be available - not when you have lots of meetings or client work yourself - and we'll work through it together. Or rather, I'll work and you can watch it all come together. Safe in the knowledge that I'll take into account your feedback as we go. If you don't like something we can change it.

I'll be giving your project my undivided attention that day, no-one else's. No distractions. No other clients. No multi-tasking.

There is no set of deliverables for one of these days. Each one is as unique as you are. Instead you are booking my time for the day. What we achieve depends on your goals and requirements.

We can always schedule any remaining tasks for another day or half-day.

This isn't a book today, get your development done tomorrow kind of proposition. Book the day a few weeks in advance and I'll send you a workbook and give access to my Website Preparation Guide, which you can use if you need it.

What can I generally do for you?

New strategic website

Create a website with strategic home page, and the associated call to action and required legal pages. (1 day)

Refresh of existing website

Give me your list of changes that you want to have made and I'll work my way through them.
(usually 1 day )

Strategic website with 6 - 7 pages

Website as under New Strategic Website, with 6 - 7 content pages
(2 days)

Custom SQL Report

I'm a whizz with SQL and can write and schedule custom reports from your database.
(1 day)

Elaine's Dedicated Development Day

Elaine thought the day we spent together was great, and the screenshots I was sharing with her throughout the day allowed her to visualise how the content she'd prepared in her Website Preparation Guide would be brought together and take shape.

She didn't feel under pressure and enjoyed being able to get on with her day-to-day business while being available when I needed her attention.

Ready to get started? How it works.

Step 1

Click on the calendar to choose a day that suits you. Bear in mind that you'll probably need to complete some prep work so that we can get the best out of our day  together.

As you'll need to be available during your Dedicated Development Day - for feedback, approval, to answer any questions I may have - don't pick a date where you already have lots of meetings or appointments.

Secure your date with a 50% deposit, or pay in full.

Step 2

After you've booked your date, you'll receive two emails from me. The second email will include your comprehensive Dedicated Development Day welcome guide and checklist. It's important that you read this one as soon as you can

Step 3

Your Dedicated Development Day will have arrived, and we'll communicate with scheduled calls and using the text message service you prefer. Whilst the day will involve a lot of collaboration, and you do need to be available, I will not be with you in person nor via Zoom. I'm sure you've better things to be doing than watching me work!

Step 4

After your Dedicated Development Day, you have 30 days of support in case you want clarification on anything you feel confused about or stuck on related to what we accomplished together.

Not sure? Want to chat first?

If you're not sure that a Dedicated Development Day is right for you, book a call with me so we can have a quick chat and we can determine whether it's a good fit for you.

In their words...

In a few sentences, please tell me what you thought about the overall experience.

I felt very involved and in control throughout the whole process.
Completing the preparation prior to the day, having a chat on the phone and then seeing the sections as they were developed reassured me that we both had the same overall vision. I didn't have to be concerned that they would be a grand reveal of a finished site that didn't meet my expectations.

What was your favourite part of the day?

Seeing it all come together

Please share any other comments, questions or feedback you have about your Dedicated Development Day experience.

I found it much easier to schedule a whole day to focus on the website rather than finding an odd hour here and there.

What would you say to someone who is considering purchasing from me?

I would recommend your services and encourage them to make the most of your expertise.