VIP Intensive Package

Need your website project done quickly?

Fed up with long, drawn-out projects that never seem to end?

Let me help you. I will work with you in an intensive package that will see you achieve your goals in a matter of days not months.

Does this sound like you?

You wait months for your website to be completed.

  • You can't move forward with your business, because your new website is still not ready.
  • Didn't she ask for feedback a while ago when I was snowed under with...
  • Now your developer's gone on holiday, or is concentrating on a project for another customer. So now you're ready but she isn't.
  • You don't feel valued. You feel that you're just one of many clients that your developer is working with.
  • She's distracted, and multi-tasking. Never a good combination. You feel frustrated.


Be delighted with a VIP Intensive Package

A package tailored to your needs allowing you time to prepare, with email support and resources, culminating in a dedicated day where you can be as involved as you like and are available to give feedback and approval.

Wouldn't you rather...

  • feel involved and in control of your project?
  • take delight in watching it all come together?
  • be sure that I'll take your feedback into account as we go?
  • know that we're working together, and if you don't like something, we can change it?
  • be reassured that I'll be giving you my undivided attention
  • prepare for the final day in your own time, with email support
  • have support available afterwards, you know, just in case.

No distractions.

No multi-tasking.

No other clients.

How does it work?

What can I generally do for you?

Website to help achieve business goals

Create a website for you with a call-to-action that helps you achieve your business goals, a reviews page and section on the home page and the required legal pages. (1 package)

Website with 6 - 7 pages

Website as before to help achieve your business goals, with 6 - 7 content pages
(2 packages)

Refresh of existing website

Give me your list of changes  you want and I'll work my way through them.
(1 package )

Data Manipulation and Import

Do you have some data - for example, products, a list of events - that you need to get in to your website? Someone's given you a spreadsheet and said, "there you go", but you're left thinking: now what? Well, let me handle it for you.
(1 package)

Data Reporting

Do you have some data on your website that you have to go digging for to put all together? Wouldn't it be better if it was all collated for you into a custom report that you can access at will? I can do that for you.
(1 package)

Setting up automations

You know that your life can be made easier and some of the admin work you have to do can be made easier or eliminated by automating some of your booking or appointments processes, but you're terrified of tech. Doesn't scare me. Get it done.

(1 package)


Anita Davies

Anita Sykes

Hi I'm Anita

I bring my software development background to website development. I love to work with progressive and service-oriented small businesses to provide solutions in a VIP Intensive Package, allowing you to achieve your business goals and meet your business aspirations in less time.

Taking my years of experience working with longer projects, I have streamlined a process for working with clients to get their website up and running in a matter of days not months.

It means that you can have a professional website that works for you and matches your successful business. You no longer have to deal with long drawn-out projects that don't produce the results you were looking for.

During the final day of a VIP Intensive Package

Ready to get started? How it works.

Step 1

Click on the calendar to choose a final day that suits you. Bear in mind that you'll probably need to complete some prep work so that we can get the best out of our day  together.

As you'll need to be available during your final day - for feedback, approval, to answer any questions I may have - don't pick a date where you already have lots of meetings or appointments.

Secure your date with a 50% deposit, or pay in full.

Step 2

After you've booked your date, you'll receive two emails from me. The second email will include your comprehensive VIP Intensive Package welcome guide and checklist. It's important that you read this one as soon as you can.

Make sure you book your kick-off call...

Step 3

The final day of your VIP Intensive Package will have arrived, and we'll communicate with scheduled calls and using the text message service you prefer. Whilst the day will involve a lot of collaboration, and you do need to be available, I will not be with you in person nor via Zoom. I'm sure you've better things to be doing than watching me work!

Step 4

After the final day of your VIP Intensive Package, you have 4 weeks of support in case you want clarification on anything you feel confused about or stuck on related to what we accomplished together.

Not sure? Book a free Discovery Call

If you're not sure what size of VIP Intensive Package is right for you, and you want to discuss your specific requirements, book a free discovery call with me so we can have a quick chat and we can determine what's right for you.

In their words...

How likely are you to refer a friend or colleague to my VIP Intensive Packages?

In a few sentences, please tell me what you thought about the overall experience.

It was great to have a specific date to focus on the development work and a deadline for when information was required to work to.

Please share any other comments, questions or feedback you have about your VIP Intensive Package experience.

It was really useful to have an kick-off call to get the team together to discuss the business requirements and put together a specification to meet those needs. We came away from the meeting with a clear vision and well defined objectives of what we wanted to achieve, an idea of the information that was required for the next stage of the process and a date to work to.
It is useful to have one platform for communication.

What would you say to someone who is considering purchasing from me?

Anita is hardworking, professional and tenacious.

Emma W, ESSA Water Activities Centre

Working with Anita has been very straightforward.
She established precisely what our requirements were ensuring no misunderstandings or confused expectations.
The preparation completed as part of the VIP Intensive Package ensured no wasted time on the day.
I’d be happy to recommend Anita’s services to others.

Elaine Bower, Freshbinz Commercial

Book your VIP Intensive Package

VIP Intensive Package: £880 - 8 hours dedicated to your project on the final day


  • access to a workbook and your Website Preparation Guide
  • support by email
  • 45 minute kick-off call to ensure we get the most out of your day
  • 28 days support after the day.