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Startup Webpack

Remove the headache of creating a website, have a launch page for your visitors and choose a starter site to help you work out your content behind the scenes.

Your own WordPress website with a launch page available to your visitors while you can just get on with choosing a starter site and customising it to your own business.
Designed to give you a starter website that can be launched quickly, then a website that reflects your business, on a platform that will grow with your business.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Are you confused by the maze of options available when you want to start your own website? You want to have something that you can produce quickly to show to interested visitors but there's so much to learn and juggle.
  • You want to spend your valuable time building your business and performing chargeable work rather than working out which host to choose for your website
  • You don't have the budget for a professional to do it all for you, but you're willing to spend some money and some time to actually develop it yourself. But instead you find yourself wondering whether to go with Wix or Squarespace or WordPress. You know that you'll probably outgrow some of those options. You think that you'll make do with the free version, but end up paying a monthly fee. Other options can be limited in other ways and tie you to a particular host; similarly you'll outgrow them.
  • So you know WordPress is very flexible as it has lots of themes and software. It's used by almost a third of the websites in the world so something must be right.
  • But again, you're spending your valuable time researching what host, how to install it, how to make it work, what page builder to use, what plugins (software) you need, trying different things - and all this time you're spending? You just want to be creating content, laying it out in a visually appealing manager and choosing suitable images.
  • You want to be doing that hidden behind a launch page so that you're offering potential visitors the chance to at least find out a little more about you than is on your business card or leaflet, and only you can see the changes because you're logged in.

What if I do all that techy stuff for you?

You get a launch page so that your visitors can find out a little more about your business, contact you or sign up to your mailing list.

Free versions of the software you'll need are installed. If you'd like to upgrade to use the more full-featured premium versions, you can, and just pay for that on a monthly basis.

You can choose a starter site then customise it to your own business - all behind the scenes so that it's only released to your visitors when it's ready.

You'll have daily backups for the first three months so that you can go back to one if you need to.

This is for you if...

  • You're up for working on your website yourself, but don't want the headache of the initial setup and research needed to navigate the maze of options available.
  • You have some budget for the website development but don't feel able yet to afford professional help for all of it.
  • You want a solution which will grow with your business - you don't want to have to start from scratch down the line because you can't add that booking system.

What's the process?

  1. Choose and register your domain name, and set up your email address, if you don't have these already
  2. I create and configure a WordPress website for you with recommended plugins to help you put together your website. It will have
    • all the technical stuff done for you
    • a contact form incorporating a mailing list subscription option.
    • a user for you so that you can log in and develop your content.
    • a launch page allowing you to present a professional face to your visitors
  3. You provide me with a brief description of your business, your contact details and a suitable image to be used as a background
  4. I customise your launch page so that your visitors can learn a little about your business, contact you, and sign up to your mailing list if they want.
  5. I'll set up daily backups for the first three months so that you can go back to one if you need to.

Provided I have all I need from you, this should all take a week or two, allowing for domain name propagation.

Three months after start of project we'll review where you are. If all is well we can start a hosting and maintenance charge which would include any further backups you may need.


  • A WordPress website configured and installed for you
  • recommended plugins to help you put together your website
  • All the technical stuff done for you
  • Customised launch page to hide part-developed website from visitors while allowing them to learn a little about your business, contact you, and giving them the option of signing up to your mailing list.
  • Hosting and daily backups for the first three months, designed to cover the period where you are actively developing your website.


After the first three months, hosting will be £18 per month.
That includes premium versions of the software that is installed, giving you the widest choice of starter sites and options. It's much less in terms of cost and hassle than buying your own licences.

Ready to get started?

Do you already have a domain name?

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