Hi, if you've reached this page it's because we are already discussing me providing the hosting for your existing website. The aim is to give you more details about why this hosting is a good choice for your business.

"Not secure" no more

Google Chrome identifies websites as "Not secure" when they are just using http://. To show https://, avoid these warnings and display a padlock icon, use an SSL certificate. As it's essential, it's included. No need to buy separately.

VPS not Shared Hosting

Your website will be hosted on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) with a maximum of 9 others. Alternatives are shared or reseller hosting where you have no control over how many sites the provider may cram onto one server, affecting performance and reliability.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Your website will be hosted on a server optimised for WordPress and managed by the provider, giving you confidence that it's not just generic web space and it's not just a server that we've created from nowhere.


Easy set up. All you need to do is allow me to point your name servers to Cloudflare and it will handle routing traffic to your website through its servers, optimising and removing traffic from hackers.

UK-Based Servers

It is best for your page speed if the server is located near to your target audience. As I and most of my customers are based in the UK, our servers are also in the UK. I can provide a server in a different location if you wish.

Account Management

You'll be given the login details for your hosting so that you are always able to access your own website area when needed.

Separate email

Sending email from your website hosting can be notoriously unreliable. Better left to experts at email hosting. I can provide an email address package. Alternatively you are free to approach GSuite or a domain registrar such as namecheap.

Under a Bus?

We will give you the login details of all accounts involved in your hosting - the hosting itself, Cloudflare account, SendGrid or MailGun for emails sent from your website. If anything happens to us you are not left high and dry wondering, "what's next?"

Our Plans




£10 per month


£17 per month


£30 per month



  • Would you like your own server, perhaps for a busy eCommerce site, for a group of websites or to choose the location of the server so that it is close to your target market?
  • We can provide a server for your exclusive use, with the storage and monthly transfer you need and the location of your choice. Each website within the server will be able to have its own SSL Certificate and staging website.

SSD Disk Storage

High-performance and highly reliable solid-state disk storage.

Monthly Transfer

Often used interchangeably with the term "Bandwidth", monthly transfer gives a guide to the amount of traffic your website may have.

Staging Website

A clone of your website where changes can be made and checked, before being pushed to your live website.