Freshbinz Commercial

Adding the ability to showcase video, pictures, tips and feedback, and setting up some automated processes allows the client to easily post to their chosen social media channels.

I had first worked with Freshbinz Commercial to produce a one-page website. This allowed them to launch at an industry event, and was created within a week. I worked with a designer who produced business cards for them, and created some of the graphics used.

I created the blog facility with the custom layout later on. Then I gave them training in how to add posts themselves.

I added the Showcase functionality during a VIP Intensive Package. They wanted to be able to add posts that showcased images, videos, feedback, or to display work in progress.

Now it’s as easy as this:

  • when Gary posts a new video from his phone to their YouTube channel, it automatically appears on their website as a Showcase item.
  • Elaine can add new pictures or feedback and set to publish according to a schedule.

When they publish new content, be it a new Showcase item or a new blog post, it automatically appears on their chosen social media channels.

Working with Anita has been very straightforward.
She established precisely what our requirements were ensuring no misunderstandings or confused expectations.
The preparation completed as part of the VIP Intensive Package ensured no wasted time on the day.
I’d be happy to recommend Anita’s services to others.

Elaine Bower, Freshbinz Commercial

What sort of VIP Intensive?

Standard Package