A refresh to an existing Fair Trade website results in a home page that reflected the company's current focus. A more definite colour scheme allows users to determine what they are seeing, and for single products to speak for themselves.

Enfair is a Fair Trade business that allows women from disadvantaged backgrounds in India to earn a decent income. It can enable them to afford adequate housing, and education for their children. When I first worked with Enfair, they specialised in hand-embroidered or woven bags and purses.

Over time, Enfair has widened their product range. They now make many of the products sustainably, from recycled textiles. Nuni wanted Enfair’s existing website to reflect this new focus. She wanted the website to have an earthy feel and suggested some of the colours.

I dedicated a small VIP Intensive Package to revising the website. I worked primarily on the home page and the display of the products. Before the final day, single product pages and lists of products had the same background colour. This made it difficult for the user to identify what they were seeing.

The home page is now easier to read and I’ve updated the content.

Now, a single product is showcased on a white background, allowing the product to speak for itself. Lists of products, be they Related Products, or all products in a category, are shown on the same colour green background.

How likely are you to refer a friend or colleague to my VIP Intensive Packages?

In a few sentences, please tell me what you thought about the overall experience.

Very pleased with what we achieved within a short time.

What was your favourite part of the day?

Seeing the work done.

Please share any other comments, questions or feedback you have about your VIP Intensive Package experience.

Very pleased with the experience, everything went as expected from start to finish.

What would you say to someone who is considering purchasing from me?

I will tell them to go for it.

Nuni Randall, Enfair

What sort of VIP Intensive?

Small package