How would you rate your overall experience of working with me?

Anita provided the hands on support, advice and guidance needed to help me achieve what I wanted — a simple but effective website for my business. Anita’s interaction with me was patient and encouraging, in particular when my energy or enthusiasm for the project was flagging.

What ultimately made you decide to purchase from me?

Offered a tailored the solution to my specific requirements, along with a client centric and helped me understand alternatives.

What did you like best and least about your experience?

There was always a very fast response to any issues and questions that came up. Available on phone/zoom to talk through and resolve any issues. Did not complicate dialogue with technical language. Also provided very helpful guidance on how to develop website content, visuals, etc.

What could I have done better that would have given you a better experience?

some ‘cheat sheets’ on how to amend certain aspects of the website.

What would you say to someone who is considering purchasing from me?

You should work with Anita in confidence that she will help you identify your requirements and execute them effectively, without any drama.

Bryan Marcus, Autogenesis Consulting