Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to tell me what you think about your website.

If you filled this in after booking your Taster Session, I look forward to our time together.

Otherwise, if you'd like to book one, please follow the Book Now link below.

Thank you

Power Hour £99

What could we get done? Some examples:

  • Get you set up to use a business email address using familiar software such as gmail;
  • Set up your DNS records so that your email works and your website can be seen;
  • Improve your email deliverability so your emails are less likely go to spam;
  • Add that code from eg, Google Analytics or Trustpilot, to your website that you've been meaning to figure out how to add;
  • Add a custom blog post layout to your website;
  • Give me the image and copy for that blog post. I'll proofread it, optimise and add the image and post it for you;
  • Set up the Google My Business profile for your business (1 Power Hour);
  • A taster session for your chosen website (1 Power Hour) - will include
    • an audit,
    • accessibility review,
    • home page review and
    • 30-minute walkthrough via Zoom;
  • Set up Zapier to automate some mundane, repetitive tasks for you.

We may be able to achieve a few of these things, except where noted.

Can be done remotely via Zoom - or give me what I need (I'll ask) and let me get on with it for you.