Here is a list of my services while the restrictions related to COVID-19 are in place.
All can be done 100% remotely.

Among the services, I have introduced a free consultation to see how I can help you to move your business or aspects of it online, so that you can continue to work safely during this period.

I have modified or waived the terms of some of my normal services, and introduced payment plans to help you.

Additionally I have listed some affiliate links.

Added Services

Consultation to help you move your business or aspects of it online. I'd like to offer you my help in this current climate and am offering a free 20 minute consultation.

Use the link to schedule yours.

What are you struggling with? I'll advise you, or find out how to do it. Then, I can help you remotely to implement it.

Maybe you need to:

  • Hold networking, exercise classes, or client meetings via a video conference
  • Communicate with your team
  • Link up tools and automate repetitive tasks
  • What else can you challenge me with?
Website - quick turnaround
£90/month for 12 months. then £25/month

Usually website projects can take up to eight weeks for the full design and content process. I did produce a one-page website for a client in one week.

I recognise that, in this COVID-19 climate, clients will need a much faster turnaround than eight weeks.

I can work with clients (remotely of course) to implement a website much more quickly. Instead of starting from scratch, the client will be asked to pick a starting point, resulting in a much quicker turnaround.

What is important now, is how the website can help you in your business. How it looks can be addressed later.

£90/month for 12 months. then £25/month

Modified Services

I have looked at each of my existing services and determined how they can be modified in this climate.

Small techy tasks
£55 £45

If you need help with a small techy task that would take you ages to figure out, let me do it for you.

For you, I can do such things as

  • setting up DNS records for email or your website
  • configuring gmail so that you can receive and send professional email from a familiar interface
  • proofreading and posting a blog post for you, with an appropriately optimised image
  • setting up a Google My Business profile for your business.
£55 £45
All-in-One Care and Ongoing Support
1 hour minimum instead of 2 £45

Usually this service has a monthly minimum of two hours, with limited hours that can be carried forward. Because of COVID-19, I have temporarily waived these restrictions.

Between one and eight hours per month of ongoing support for your website to be used as you wish. Unused hours can be carried over from one month to the next, provided you have some hours booked for the following month.

In addition, I will take regular backups of your website and make sure that its software (WordPress core, themes and plugins) are kept up-to-date.

1 hour minimum instead of 2 £45
Startup Webpack £500 then £25/month £60/month for 12 months, then £25/month

I will handle all the techy stuff to take away the learning curve with creating your website, allowing you to focus on choosing a starting point then designing the pages how you like and adding the content.

When you're happy with what you have created, I do a bit more of the techy stuff to make it live for you.

You get your own WordPress website that reflects your business, on a platform that grows with your business.

£500 then £25/month £60/month for 12 months, then £25/month
Domain name and email address
from £80 from £70

Provide, configure and renew a domain name and email address(es) for you.

The cost is dependent on the domain name you choose - some are more expensive than others - and the number of email addresses you need.

Contact me with your requirements, and I will calculate what you need.

from £80 from £70

Although you can use Zoom for free, there is a 40-minute time limit on meetings with more than two people. To remove this time limit, and for added extras, such as breakout rooms, polling and streaming, upgrade to the Pro version.


If you need access to stock images, and you can't find what you need with free sites, try Depositphotos for a few months.

I've often found images on there in just a few minutes that I've wasted hours looking for on free sites!


This is the proposal software that I use, and I have had so many positive comments. Your proposals can be signed online and they are legally binding.

From $29/month

Offering a new service and need a domain name to match?


Looking to get a professional email address to match your domain name? You know, one that doesn't end in or or or...

namecheap's email service doesn't require your domain name to be registered with them, and additional email addresses are a fraction of the price.

From £10/year

For a full email service and productivity tools, have a look at G Suite. Contact me for a discount code. It's free for the 14-day trial period as well.

About £5/month

Start a website with StartUp web hosting from SiteGround. First three months are heavily discounted because of COVID-19. 12-month renewal is then discounted by 50%.

Their price increase for subsequent years is pretty steep though. When the time comes, talk to me about my reseller hosting at that point. They offer me a discount and I pass some of that on to you.

£1.20/three months