T&Cs – Perfect my Website

Perfect my Website – Existing content

I will proofread existing content on an hourly rate basis at the current recommended rate for proofreading. This is set annually by the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (http://www.sfep.org.uk/resources/suggested-minimum-rates). Although this means that I cannot provide a quote upfront, you can be assured that I will give every page the attention it deserves.

Direct changes

My preferred way – because for you it is more cost-effective and accurate – to proofread your website is for the changes to be made directly.

In order to enable this, you need to provide me with an editor login to their site. An advantage of this is that I will also be able to see where content is shown in more than one location and therefore only charge once for its correction. Don’t worry, with an editor login I won’t be able to mess with any of the settings of your website – and I have no interest in creating new content!

You may be concerned about being able to see the “before” and “after” version of each web page. There are two ways of providing this for you:

  • Content Management Systems, such as WordPress, often save previous versions of a page, so you would be able to compare those versions directly from your website. This is probably the easiest way for the more technologically-minded;
  • If required and agreed at the outset, I can provide a visual comparison of the pages before and after proofreading (see Visual comparison).

Using MS Word and Track Changes

If you prefer, I can import the content for each page into a Microsoft Word document and mark the changes using Track Changes. I will then return the original and modified Word documents to you so that you can see the changes suggested and make them yourself. This is likely to take me longer and cost you more. Making the changes yourself increases the time you need to spend and is more likely to introduce mistakes.

Payment terms

When the work is agreed, I will invoice a deposit of £45.
If Direct changes are to be made, I will request the creation of an editor login.
On receipt of payment and if necessary the creation of the required login, I will commence the proofread and record the time spent overall.
At the end of the proofread, and when you are happy with the work provided, the work will be deemed to be complete and I will raise a final invoice for payment.

Perfect my Website – New content

I will proofread new content, such as blog posts, new or amended pages on a per word basis. I will use Microsoft Word to calculate the word count. Depending on the degree of changes required, this would cost from £9 to £15 per 1000 words.

Instead, you supply me with a text document containing the new content. I proofread that document according to your requirements and save the changes to a new file.

I return to you the original and modified files, along with a link to a visual comparison of the two documents.

On receipt of payment I return to you the original and modified files, along with a link to a visual comparison of the two documents (see Visual comparison).

Payment terms

When the work is agreed, I will supply a quote calculated from the word count and the client requirements.
I will raise an invoice for 40% of the value of the quote.
On receipt of payment I will proofread the page(s).
On completion, I raise an invoice, and when payment has been received, will return the required documents to the client.

Visual comparison

I provide a visual comparison of the original and modified documents using a service such as DiffChecker . By default this visual comparison will be available for one month. I reserve the right to use an alternative if I need to. DiffNow is one such alternative.