Perfect my Website

Perfect my Website is the perfect solution for anyone who has a website that they want to have proofread.

Perfect my Website – Existing content

I will proofread existing website content on an hourly rate basis. Although this means that I cannot provide a quote upfront, you can be assured that I will give every page the attention it deserves.

Direct changes

When proofreading your website, I prefer to make the changes directly. This is because for you it is more cost-effective and accurate.

In order to enable this, you need to provide me with an editor login to your site. An advantage of this is that I will also be able to see where content is shown in more than one location and therefore only charge once for its correction. Don’t worry, with an editor login I won’t be able to mess with any of the settings of your website – and I have no interest in creating new content!

You will be able to see the changes made. You can either view previous revisions available in some Content Management Systems or I can provide you with a link to a visual comparison of the pages before and after the changes were made.

Using Microsoft Word and Track Changes

If you prefer, I can import the content for each page into a Microsoft Word document and mark the changes using Track Changes. I will then return the original and modified Word documents to you so that you can see the changes suggested and make them yourself. This is likely to take me longer and cost you more. Making the changes yourself increases the time you need to spend and is more likely to introduce mistakes.

Perfect my Website – New content

I will proofread new content, such as blog posts and new or amended pages on a per word basis. I will use Microsoft Word to calculate the word count.

You supply me with a text document containing the new content. I proofread that document according to your requirements and save the changes to a new file. Microsoft Word will not be used for this as there is too great a risk of introducing errors into your finished document.

I return to you the original and modified files, along with a link to a visual comparison of the two documents.

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